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Virtual Classroom Pilot for remote schools

The Song Room is taking technology one step further by trialling a Virtual Teaching Artist scenario to bring the arts to remote communities. The trial is part of The Song Room’s recently developed Blended Delivery Model, which promotes a mix of face-to-face teaching and various platforms for the delivery of online resources. The program plans to engage students through the arts as well as developing and delivering on-line resources aligned with the Australian Curriculum: The Arts Foundation to Year 10.

A rigorous testing period is taking place to ensure the program is a success. Regional Program Coordinators are running trials in selected schools. We are mid-way through the process and so far have seen encouraging results on how the model will make a difference to students and increase the capacity for remote learning in the arts and technology.


The Blended Delivery Model will see intensive, face-to-face in-class workshops undertaken in targeted remote regions, followed by online support and coaching delivered by the Teaching Artist. Using the Virtual Classroom environment on ARTS:LIVE, discussions between teachers and students can take place and students are encouraged to post responses to their art activities in a number of formats including video, audio, images or text.


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