The Song Room Teaching Artist teaching two primary school students an arts learning music lesson in ukulele
decorative design with music and bright coloured shapes with text create

In-Class Programs

Our Teaching Artists bring their arts education expertise into the classroom, working alongside classroom teachers to deliver high-quality, curriculum-aligned arts programs.

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Our Teaching Artists tailor programs to the needs of each school to provide opportunities in sequential, in-class student learning, teacher mentoring and professional development, digital education and community engagement.

The Song Room Teaching Artists are skilled at inspiring and educating children through the arts. They create a fun and interactive learning environment where students learn creative skills and are introduced to arts experiences that can be integrated into other subjects.

They support students to flourish by connecting them to learning and building resilience through music, drama, visual arts, media arts and dance.

  • primary school student proudly showing in-class program work on flowers

    Warriapendi Primary School, WA

  • primary school students engaged in outdoor arts learning music class in movement and hand-eye coordination through their in-class program

    Tyabb Railway Station Primary School, VIC