Indigenous School students doing a deadly arts dance
decorate design of brightly coloured shapes and music icons with the words imagine act inspire

Community Projects

Teaching Artists facilitate collaborative creative projects to connect students, teachers, parents, and the broader school community, strengthening school cultures and student belonging.

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When schools experience the impact of arts learning, they begin to understand that the arts are an integral part of school culture and play an important role in student outcomes.

In these programs, students, teachers and parents become involved in learning in an inclusive and accessible way, celebrating the arts as a source of pride and connection. When a school community is deeply connected, students feel part of something special and they benefit both socially and academically

  • Teaching artist engaging primary school students in arts learning music lesson with costumes through their community project

    The Song Room school performance, Melbourne Town Hall, VIC

  • Teaching artist helping primary school students in arts learning visual arts lesson to paint bright indigenous themed school mural through their community project

    Warriapendi Primary School, WA