people working on a studio set creating online education resources featuring teacher and primary school students
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Digital Arts Education

Our award-winning digital education hub, ARTS:LIVE, provides hundreds of curriculum-aligned, music and arts teaching resources and ready to use lessons. The platform integrates quality Australian educational content and pedagogy to support our thriving digital learning community.

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Digital resources are developed in collaboration with some of Australia’s most influential artists, cultural organisations and education experts. Specialist arts educators engage learners by leveraging digital tools that move beyond technology as a substitution for traditional learning, to redefine and transform learning through creativity.

The Song Room’s digital arts education platform, ARTS:LIVE, develops the capacity and confidence of teachers to utilise technology to provide significant, relevant and impactful learning opportunities through arts-centric pedagogies.

ARTS:LIVE offers a range of educational resources suitable for students from Foundation to Year 10 with expert content in dance, drama, media arts, music and visual arts. This includes unit plans, student activity sheets, engaging videos and at home learning activities.

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    Remote Learning Packs

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    ARTS:LIVE resource production