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The Song Room has a significant body of independent research into the efficacy of our music and arts programs, particularly in terms of student outcomes.

We are committed to growing the impact evidence of arts education in primary schools to influence policy decision making, inform new programs and advocate for increased investment in arts learning.

New independent research conducted by Australian Council for Education Research (ACER) is currently underway on the effect of multi-year arts learning programs on student outcomes, teaching practices and school cultures. The research project is part of The Song Room’s national Transformational Learning through Creativity pilot project and is due for completion in early 2023.

  • Bridging the Gap in School Achievement through the Arts

    A research study on the impact of Song Room in-class programs in communities experiencing disadvantaged over one year. With funding from the Macquarie Group Foundation, the study was conducted by leading educational researchers, Professor Brian Caldwell, from Educational Transformations and Dr Tanya Vaughan. The research demonstrates The Song Room’s arts-based intervention on improved school attendance, higher academic achievement and enhanced social and emotional wellbeing.

    Read the Executive Summary
  • Transforming Indigenous Education through the Arts

    Educational Transformations evaluated program data collected over the course of The Song Room’s Creative Arts Indigenous Parental Engagement (CAIPE) program, to discover increases in school attendance, improvements in literacy and increased parental engagement for First Nation’s students.

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  • New Moves

    The Song Room partnered with Victoria University to investigate the effectiveness of its programs on young people from refugee backgrounds. The research report demonstrates positive impacts for this group of young people related to improvements in wellbeing, sense of belonging and social inclusion and enhancing engagement with learning, as a result of participating in Song Room programs.

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