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The Song Room programs yield powerful results. Reaching over 17,500 students in 2022, our programs lift school attendance, social-emotional wellbeing, academic performance, and community involvement for Australian school children.

Whether our programs are delivered in remote Indigenous communities, or in areas of socio-economic disadvantage, the improvements within the school community are significant.

Independent evidence shows that participation in The Song Room programs:

  • Reduce school absenteeism by up to 65%1
  • Assist 45% of participating children to reach the highest levels on the Social Emotional Wellbeing Index1
  • Improve student’s engagement with their learning2
  • Improve student’s academic outcomes, raising numeracy and literacy levels1
  • Help close the gap for Indigenous students by more than 20% in reading and more than 17% in writing2
  • Increases student’s ability to manage their behaviour1
  • Improve student’s capacity to concentrate2


Sustainability is a critical factor to the success of The Song Room. For us, this means creating and embedding beneficial change. This is maintained through the continuation of music and arts based programs by schools and school communities after The Song Room Teaching Artists have completed their program.

Sustainable outcomes occur when school leadership values and prioritises the arts as an integral part of the whole school experience. And where teachers have the capacity to confidently plan, resource and deliver high quality arts learning experiences that advance social and emotional learning outcomes for students now and into future.



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Our work in schools and communities is evidence-based

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