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The Listies Make a Scene at Children’s Week!

The Listies are the undisputed Kings of Icky! And let’s face it, what kid doesn’t want to gross out the adults from time-to-time with vomit, farts and wobbly intestines!

The popular children’s theatre-makers and authors have partnered with The Song Room to create a new digital arts learning resource for teachers. The Listies Make a Scene was launched today at The Song Room’s Children’s Week celebration and performance at Deakin Edge.

The comedy duo, Matthew Kelly and Richard Higgins, who have performed together since the early 2000s and became The Listies in 2009, had everyone in stitches as they MC’d the event to celebrate the launch.

The performance featured over 200 children from five schools across Melbourne who came together to show off their newly acquired artistic skills. The Listies brought their unique brand of absurdity and had the kids (along with parents and teachers) roaring with laughter in between their performances.

The Listies perform at Children's Week Kids enjoying The Listies performance at Children's Week

Over the last Semester, the students have been working with a Teaching Artist in their school to build their engagement and connection with school life, self-esteem and confidence.

“What our programs do is provide these kids with the skills and opportunities to understand what creativity is – what it means – and enable them to flourish as self-starting, independent learners,” said Song Room CEO, Simon Gipson.

The digital education resource, The Listies Make a Scene, features fun yet educational videos and lesson plans for teachers and guides primary school students on how to make a theatre show in their own lounge room.

ARTS:LIVE has been developed by The Song Room, with educational resources which introduce children to the arts. It aims to advance arts, literacy and language skills, and to assist teachers to deliver quality arts learning. For drama and the performing arts, it is widely recognised that teaching responsibility often lies with passionate individuals with limited training, who are under pressure to deliver quality education outcomes and the much-feared end of year performance.

The performance at Deakin Edge today provided participating students with an opportunity to make a scene and share the stage with some incredible performers.

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