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Early Years Programs

The Song Room has again partnered with VICSEG (Victorian Cooperative on Children’s Services for Ethnic Groups), with funding from The BARR Foundation to present Song Room workshops at five locations across Victoria for newly arrived early years children and their mothers from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

These Song Room Early Learning programs engage Teaching Artists Biddy Connor and Rachael Dyson-McGregor to use songs, nursery rhymes and games with parents and young children to encourage learning through song and play.

This year, the program has evolved to see the Teaching Artists working to collect songs, games and nursery rhymes from parents in their own languages, in order to encourage newly arrived families to document their languages, traditions, songs and rhymes so that they are carried on for generations to come. Already both Biddy and Rachael have been collecting recording songs in Farsi, Persian, Arabic, Singhalese, and Hindi, with the aim to create a CD and booklet of songs that can be shared amongst play groups across Australia.


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