ARTS:LIVE is a major initiative aimed at achieving sustainable music and arts learning in school communities, bringing hundreds of hours of learning through the Arts to teachers, parents and early learning professionals – and it is free to register!

ARTS:LIVE provides curriculum aligned educational content in a range of ‘ready to use’ resources including teacher packs, student activity sheets, easy to follow videos and at home activities. There is a huge range of courses and activities that meet the needs of all learners from early years through to Year 10, with expert content in Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts.

The Song Room developed this award-winning digital music and arts education hub to help achieve sustainable creative learning in schools, building on its reputation as Australia’s leading arts education provider. All proceeds from ARTS:LIVE subscriptions go directly back to The Song Room; providing music and arts programs to Australia’s most disadvantaged children.

Why is creative learning important?

Creativity and innovation have risen to the forefront of 21st century key learning outcomes. Children must develop their creative skills to adequately prepare them for success in school and later in life. Music and the arts are instrumental tools to aid this development, enhancing learning across all subject areas.

Through its innovative learning platform, ARTS:LIVE allows children of all ages, educators and parents to explore, learn and develop their arts and music skills from anywhere in the world, regardless of their existing skills or knowledge.


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