Help create opportunities for children to thrive. Support The Song Room today

Help create opportunities for children to thrive. Support The Song Room today

Every child deserves access to arts learning to help them thrive in school and in life.

This year at The Song Room, we are working to make that a reality by raising $100,000 towards the ‘When Arts Learning Happens Appeal’ to support young people at this critical time.

A high-quality education has the power to provide children with the opportunity to break the cycle of disadvantage. Unfortunately, for the most vulnerable in our community, the inadequacies and inequities in our education system currently limit these opportunities.

primary school boy in arts learning visual arts lesson.

Together we have the power to create change and help build a prosperous society for all.  When arts learning programs are included in a child’s education they are given the chance to improve academic performance, to build resilience and wellbeing, and they are given the opportunity to experience success. Given the support, we can help young Australians to thrive.

“If there are any preliminary lessons to be drawn from how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our school systems it is that education needs to pay closer attention to students’ social and emotional well-being alongside cognitive development, and to equity in learning opportunities as well1.”

– Andreas Schleicher, Education Directorate, OECD

Schools are currently under enormous pressure dealing with ongoing staff shortages, an increased and demanding work load, and exhausted teachers. Add in the effect of the pandemic on students.  And schools are also attending to unprecedented levels of student mental health issues, absenteeism, and gaps in learning.


Again, it is our most vulnerable who suffer the most.

According to the Grattan Institute, the rate of mental disorders in students from low-income households are twice those from high-income households. The impact of this on learning is huge. The Grattan Institute report that a Year 3 student with any mental disorder is six to nine months behind in NAPLAN compared to their mentally healthy peers.

“Wellbeing is crucial to academic achievement, and wellbeing programs can support and accelerate students’ learning2.”

– Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership Limited

two primary school students learning xylophone in an arts learning lesson

The arts provide a powerful opportunity to uplift, enrich and transform communities. When art and music happen as part of a child’s education we see measurable results. Independent research shows that participation in a Song Room art learning programs reduces school absenteeism, advances academic outcomes and improves wellbeing.

Our evidence-based programs promote learning as well as helping children to develop the cognitive, social and emotional skills needed to thrive in school and in life. Every child deserves this opportunity.

With your help we can provide children with the opportunity to heal, learn and reach their potential. We can support schools and teachers with an in-class Teaching Artist and also provide access to curriculum-aligned online resources to help time-poor staff.

Please support The Song Room today and help us to achieve our goal.

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