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At The Song Room, we strive to give all Australian children, especially our most disadvantaged groups, a brighter outlook on life. We believe this starts with them having equal access to a quality education that contains programs in music and the arts.

The background

A global conference on arts education convened by UNESCO in 2010 endorsed accessible, high quality arts education as a driver of social and cultural cohesion. Delegates noted the neglect of proven programs in music and the arts despite growing evidence of their positive effects on children’s performance, wellbeing and creativity.

Arts education continues to be undervalued in Australia despite mounting evidence that our children continue to slide in world rankings of academic performance, more so those who live in disadvantaged communities. Children in poorly resourced schools had even lower results and higher dropout rates.


What we’re doing to help

From a foundation of our own research and international evidence, The Song Room works with arts and education sector partners and government agencies to develop key policies and industry initiatives that prominently positions arts education in the Australian school curriculum.

Independent research shows our programs work for even the most disengaged children and yield powerful results. Whether they are delivered in remote Indigenous communities, in areas of high crime or low incomes, or in schools with large populations of refugees, The Song Room programs have made significant, demonstrated differences.

Children from these backgrounds began to:

  • Attend school more often
  • Become more interested in learning
  • Manage their behaviour more positively
  • Improve their grades

These findings inform what we do and how we do it.

We do not work alone. With the support of generous philanthropists and government agencies, we work in concert with other not-for-profit groups and arts organisations to be an instrument of change in the life of the schools we reach and the children we teach.

Evaluating our programs

We continually evaluate our programs to measure our success and to ensure we know the impact and effectiveness of our programs in design and delivery.

As a national organisation, The Song Room helps more than 8,000 children a year around the country with face to face programs. We know that is no insignificant number, but we also know that is only a tiny portion of disadvantaged Australian children who could benefit from our help.

Learn more about the policies and research that informs our programs.

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