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Give the Gift of Education this Festive Season!




At The Song Room we are passionate about addressing a critical issue facing Australia – education standards have declined over the last 10 years. Disadvantaged children who start school behind their peers continue to fall further behind, making it more difficult for these children the break the poverty cycle that so many of them are entrenched in.

Education is the gift that can change a child’s future.

Education is the gift that gives children the opportunity to reach their full potential. It can have a transformative impact on the lives of children experiencing disadvantage. A quality education is a game changer that ripples through the community to lift the circumstance of all within it.

We know that children come to school more eager to learn and ready to participate when there is a Song Room program in their school. These students show improved numeracy and literacy, increased attendance and stronger engagement in school life after 12 months of participating in the program.

This year we worked in a school in Queensland with a student who was non-verbal and not participating in classroom activities. She is a 14-year-old girl who was born in an African refugee camp. She had difficulty building relationships and following instructions. After a few weeks of being in The Song Room program, she was offered the opportunity to share something from her culture. The student sang a song while playing a djembe drum with quite complex rhythms. She received such positive feedback from her class mates that she is now engaged, enjoying school more and collaborating in class.

This is the power of The Song Room and it is just one of many stories we receive from parents, teachers and principals around Australia. Students are given innovative ways of participating in their learning which they may not have experienced before.

In fact, this year The Song Room was able to provide learning opportunities to over 16,000 students in our classroom-based Arts Learning programs. We placed 91 Teaching Artists in 157 schools, partnering with over 400 teachers. We also produced 14 new curriculum-aligned, digital education resources for ARTS:LIVE, giving teachers access to over 30 new videos and 50 new lessons to help grow their confidence, capability and capacity to deliver quality Arts Learning.

But there is a lot more work to do. Three in four Australian students are still missing out on a creative education – that’s 1.7 million children across Australia. In truth, we need to reach more students in 2020 to help close the education equity gap in communities experiencing disadvantage. Your gift this festive season will help The Song Room to do just that.

Please donate now to help give the gift of education to children across Australia. 

Education standards in Australian schools have dropped significantly since 2000, with a particular decline for the most disadvantaged young people in our community. The performance of students in lower socio-economic quartiles has fallen by almost 50% more than those in the top quartiles. The national cost is estimated at $20b over six years.  Your gift will help remedy this situation.

Education is the gift that can change a child’s future.

Your continued support and contribution is greatly appreciated. Please donate to The Song Room today.

Warm wishes for a happy festive season, and a rich and rewarding 2020.

Yours sincerely,

Alice Gerlach

Chief Executive Officer


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