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Transformational Learning Through Creativity

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The Song Room delivers highly effective, evidence-based, Arts Learning programs which are designed to engage students in school-life, improve education standards across a range of subject areas and support teacher professional learning.

The Song Room’s programs are offered in all art forms of the Australian Curriculum and can be tailored to your school community’s needs. Over a 12 month period, our programs are evidenced to deliver:

  • An equivalent one year catch up in NAPLAN scores
  • Reduced absenteeism by 65%
  • Significant increases in socio-emotional well-being, particularly increased confidence and self-esteem. Children come to school eager to learn and ready to participate.

Arts Learning programs with The Song Room are delivered by an expert Teaching Artist who works in partnership with school leadership and teaching teams. Our approach incorporates classroom delivery, in-class mentoring and modelling for generalist teachers, professional learning sessions, community engagement projects, access to a broad range of digital education resources and opportunities for educators to build communities of practice.

Our program assists generalist teachers to build confidence, capability and capacity to introduce Arts Learning into the class room, across a range of art forms and year levels. Teachers will make connections between theory and practice to inform their teaching, while curriculum aligned tools assist teachers to adopt a best practice approach to Arts Learning.

Transformational Learning Through Creativity

The positive effects of The Song Room’s approach to Arts Learning can be felt well beyond the classroom. The program is designed to build confidence, self-esteem and critical thinking skills in students. For those children challenged by mainstream education expectations participation in music and the Arts can help to level the learning playing field.

Over a three year period, The Song Room’s Transformational Learning through Creativity (TLC) program aims to make a significant impact on learning outcomes across the school, and develop a strong school culture based on participation in the Arts by the entire school community. Schools who make this transformation will recognise Arts Learning as a vital part of the school experience and can continue to benefit from positive experiences that the Arts brings long into the future.

If you’d like to see The Song Room in your school, register your interest by completing the form below. For more information, contact us on 03 9521 3990 or via email enquiries@songroom.org.au.

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