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Workplace giving is a simple, low cost, and effective way for your staff to make regular donations to charities like The Song Room through their pre-tax pay.

Why Workplace Giving?

A successful program will bring your organisation’s values to life impacting on job satisfaction with activities that develop workplace pride, create motivated teams and aid social change.

85% of employees feel it’s important to give back through work yet only a small proportion of Australian workers have access to workplace giving.

The best workplace giving programs combine corporate social responsibility outcomes to create an integrated community partnership. Matched donations further boost the impact of workplace giving and provide a valuable incentive for staff to get involved.

As a way of supporting The Song Room, workplace giving is so effective, that for programs where donations are matched, a regular contribution of just $3.50, or $5 before tax, results in a $10 donation.

What can your support achieve?

For The Song Room, workplace giving is a highly valued, sustainable income stream.

Small, regular gifts have a cumulative effect with 100% of workplace giving donations going directly to deliver our programs, giving Australia children a better start at life.

Just a few dollars a month goes a long way towards making a difference to a child’s education.

If 10% of working Australians participated in workplace giving, we could unlock more than $200M a year to support Australian charities.


How We Can Help

The Song Room is committed to working with you to create a workplace giving program that specifically responds to your corporate culture and staff engagement objectives.

We offer a tailored mix of fundraising events, site visits, internal communications or presentations, and volunteering and skill sharing opportunities ensuring your staff take ownership of the program and have the chance to experience the positive effects of their contributions first hand.

Workplace giving is good for the community, good for staff and good for business. If you would like The Song Room to help you develop or re-invigorate an existing workplace giving program which includes a complimentary group of charity partners we’re happy to help.

If you do not have a workplace giving program in place and you’re looking for more information we encourage you to download the Workplace Giving Australia’s free Workplace Giving DIY Guide from their website. The guide is full of expert know-how, inspiration and resources to help bring a successful workplace giving program to life. It may be easier than you think!

Best Practice Workplace Giving with The Song Room and JB Hi-Fi

The Song Room is delighted to have the support of JB Hi-Fi as a workplace giving partner since 2009. JB Hi-Fi launched its workplace giving program, Helping Hands, in 2008 and it is now recognised as Australia’s most dynamic and successful workplace giving program. Over the last 5 years contributions from JB Hi-Fi’s staff, matched by the company along with a retail campaign called PlayAir have totalled close to $2 million!

Staff participation rates in JB Hi-Fi’s workplace giving program are over 65% and for some stores it’s as high as 90%! All members of the board and management team donate 1% of their gross salary to Helping Hands.

The Song Room’s relationship with JB Hi-Fi is boosted by their support of PlayAir. The campaign encourages JB customers to buy an air instrument and help put a real one in the hands of a child who needs it. For six weeks each year, JB Hi-Fi hands over a small part of their counter space in all stores nationally to sell Air instruments for $2. PlayAir is driven by JB’s staff who wholeheartedly get behind the campaign.

The Song Room is grateful to JB Hi-Fi for its continued support to highlight the huge number of children from disadvantaged and marginalised communities who have little or no access to music or art programs and materials despite the significant benefits they provide.

“JB Hi-Fi is committed to being part of growing workplace giving in Australia. We believe our partnership with The Song Room is a great way for JB and its employees to support the community. Matching the contributions of our employees dollar for dollar effectively doubles the impact we can have as individuals and as a company. It is our belief that workplace giving is a cost effective and efficient way for us to help community organisations achieve a sustainable revenue base through receiving regular contributions.”Richard Murray, CEO, JB Hi-Fi

For more information and advice on setting up the program, please contact us on 03 9521 3990.

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