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The Song Room vision is that all Australian children have the opportunity to participate in music and the arts to enhance their education, personal development and community involvement.

The Song Room mission is to provide children from disadvantaged backgrounds with high-quality, evidence-based music and arts programs that are tailored to their unique needs. We do this in partnership with schools, communities and online to create sustainable outcomes.

Proven by independent research, our unique model of music and arts programs are delivered over a minimum of six months to help disengaged children stay focussed, improve their academic performance and social skills. They’re designed to fill the education gap and provide Australian school children with specialised teaching artists and tailored music and arts-based programs.


“The program has been absolutely brilliant! It has provided an opportunity for ALL students at our school to develop confidence and have success” Principal, Hunter Valley Primary School

Here’s how The Song Room helps achieve great results for Australian children:


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