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The Song Room is a national for-purpose organisation that brightens the futures of Australia’s most disadvantaged children with tailored, high-quality music and arts programs, delivered in partnership with schools across the country.

Our programs are independently proven to lift the academic performance, school attendance, social-emotional wellbeing and community involvement of Australian school children.

The Song Room vision is that all Australian children have the opportunity to participate in music and the arts to enhance their education, personal development and community involvement, giving them the best possible start in life.


Our aim is to bridge the education equity gap for all Australian children by facilitating learning through the arts, starting with our most vulnerable groups and reaching all communities that lack specialist music and arts education. We want every child to benefit from long-term school music and arts programs.

Independent evidence shows that The Song Room programs:

  • Lifted students’ literacy (NAPLAN) by up to an entire year
  • Almost halved the proportion of children at the lowest levels on the Social and Emotional Wellbeing Index
  • Reduced school absenteeism by up to 65%
  • Improved children’s capacity to concentrate
  • Improved children’s levels of engagement with their learning

Every child deserves the best possible start and every opportunity to succeed in life.

Our facts and figures speak for themselves. Research shows that children participating in The Song Room programs achieved:


“The Song Room is amazing because it makes us feel alive” Student, Evans Public School

We work with schools to build the capacity to develop and sustain their own music and arts programs when The Song Room is no longer there beside them.

These programs help their students grow in confidence and self-esteem. They help them stay on task longer, be more willing to have a go and to feel more involved in learning and community.

The Song Room has helped more than 350,000 Australian children feel better about themselves and their futures. In fact, in a year our work touches the lives of more than 8,000 children across the country.

Yet our work reaches only a fraction of those children who are disadvantaged by income, distance, poor health or cultural difference. That’s why we need your continued support to help children all around Australia to be the very best they can.

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