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The Song Room’s program design is predicated on an evidence-based approach that is underpinned by rigorous monitoring and evaluation.

Each program is governed by a set of pre-determined indicators that measure success. Programs are routinely monitored to track progress, identify strengths, recognise challenges and make timely decisions on the program’s direction.

These constant checks and measurements allow The Song Room to adapt our programs to the specific, evolving needs of the children, their teachers and their schools.

At the end of the program, we evaluate how relevant, efficient, effective, powerful and sustainable the program has been.

We use questionnaires, interviews, observations and focus groups with students, teachers, parents and Teaching Artists as our main instruments of evaluation. Collective and individual evaluation reports document findings that are distributed to key stakeholders.

The Song Room is committed to the principles of continuous improvement, using our framework of monitoring and evaluation as a guide to reflect on what we do and to learn how to do it better.


The Song Room programs come with our own rigorous evaluation model, but we also believe in the importance of independent research.

Three independent research studies have been undertaken into the work of The Song Room. Macquarie Group Foundation, Educational Transformations and Victoria University have each conducted major studies into our programs to determine efficacy.

The research report summaries of these projects can be downloaded here.


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