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At the heart of The Song Room is our range of unique music and arts programs.

Our programs operate for a minimum of six months to give children the opportunity to participate in music and the arts to enhance their education, personal development and community involvement.

These programs are designed to bridge the educational gap by ensuring Australian school children have access to tailored music and arts education. Our specialised face-to-face programs, led by our expert Teaching Artists, also improve educational outcomes across disciplines, helping students do better at school and feel better about themselves.

The Song Room Teaching Artists

The Song Room Teaching Artists are professional artists with teaching experience who believe in the value of the arts as a medium to engage and educate children.

They utilise diverse learning and teaching styles to tailor programs to each specific school, opening up the exciting world of the arts to both students and teachers.

The Song Room Teaching Artists provide a different learning environment for students, which is not dependent upon high levels of literacy or English language skills. The program enables children to experience a learning environment that is fun, interactive, collegiate and non-threatening. It helps them explore and draw on their own skills and talents to excel in ways that may otherwise not be possible.

“They really gained confidence and now i have some great ideas to incorporate into my class program. A great learning experience and I discovered how talented some of them are!” Teacher, Herbersham Public School, NSW

A range of complementary community and capacity-building programs are also delivered with our tailored programs, such as teacher professional development to ensure sustainable, lasting change for the wider school community.

The Song Room model is uniquely tailored to each school and community. Independent research has proven its impact and effect.


In-school workshop programs

Specialist Teaching Artists develop and deliver sequential music and arts-based learning programs that can run from 6 to 18 months, depending on level of need   Learn more

Duet Teacher Mentoring

Professional Learning

  Learn more

Early learning

Early Years Programs are for children under 5 and their parents. The Song Room Teaching Artists work with play group facilitators to structure creative workshops that improve early literacy and school-readiness   Learn more

Parent & Community

The Song Room parental engagement programs, community events and public performances strengthen ties and engage and inspire confidence in children, their families and their communities.   Learn more


ARTS:LIVE is a digital classroom for the arts. It is a major initiative designed to deliver music and arts learning in schools all around Australia who don’t have specialist arts teachers   Learn more

Building for Sustainability

Professional teacher development programs, master classes, mentoring, skills accreditation, additional teaching materials and curriculum development provide lasting, sustainable outcomes   Learn more

Partnerships and collaboration

The Song Room works collaboratively with a wide range of arts, community, business and Government agencies to expand opportunities for teachers, their schools and their students   Learn more

Evaluation and research

Ongoing evaluation and independent research allows continuous improvements to evidence-based practice in Australia and helps ensure the educational and social impacts of arts education   Learn more

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