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Sing Your Heart Out for The Song Room!

At The Song Room we are asking you to Sing Your Heart Out for students experiencing disadvantage.

COVID-19 has caused mass devastation around the world, including a massive upheaval to children’s schooling.

Unfortunately, it is the most vulnerable in our community who have struggled the most to access education during this time. Many children face disadvantage due to a lack of access to technology, unequal access to educational resources beyond the classroom, and limited support from parents and carers tasked with overseeing their schooling during the COVID-19 disruption.

Providing children who are at risk of falling behind with opportunities to remain connected to their learning has never been more important.

Children experiencing social and economic disadvantage will face the greatest challenges re-entering the classroom as schools open. With gaps in their learning and decreased confidence, students risk falling further behind as the school year progresses. Some studies have reported 46% of children will be adversely affected by the current interruption to their schooling.

Before the COVID-19 crisis, students identified as disadvantaged were less likely to complete 13 years of schooling. Now, the situation for these students is critical, and we urgently need your help.

Your contribution to The Song Room will help close the education equity gap by helping students connect to their learning and re-engage in school life.

Research shows that integrating the Arts into everyday learning at school positively impacts students on multiple levels. It can improve students’ academic outcomes, help build resilience and increase overall wellbeing. A quality arts education can create a healthy attitude to learning, and a greater sense of personal and cultural identity.

As we move through this difficult time, The Song Room’s Teaching Artists will play a vital role in supporting teachers, helping them drive deeper learning as students recover from the disruption to schooling.

With the support of a Teaching Artist, children are able to explore ideas and learn to express themselves through the Arts. They are given the opportunity to build their communication skills, and build resilience through experimentation, positive failure and the development of new solutions to existing challenges. Teaching Artists provide an important connection between students and their education, which is shown to build young people’s confidence and ease anxiety and depression.

If we don’t act now to help vulnerable children receive a quality education, the long-term impact of COVID-19 could be devastating.

Your contribution will help minimise the impact of the pandemic on our children’s education and wellbeing, and provide learning experiences that will set them up for a brighter future.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated now more than ever. Please donate to The Song Room today.

Yours sincerely,

Alice Gerlach

Chief Executive Officer

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