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Help Raise the Standard of Education for Australian Children

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Australian children need your help. 

Independent research confirms that students who participated in a regular music program for 12 months have increased confidence, feel better about themselves, come to school more often and caught up academically.

Australian schools try to deliver the best possible outcomes for their students but they are compelled to juggle too many competing priorities – especially if they are located in disadvantaged communities.

They know that the Arts is important, so Deputy Principals, classroom teachers and even volunteers at some schools are teaching children Music, Dance, Performing and Visual Arts. And although these people are skilled teachers and community-minded, passionate individuals, they are often under pressure to deliver outside their area of expertise or knowledge.

In the last six months, the schools we’ve been speaking with have let us know that they must prioritise literacy, numeracy, and student wellbeing.  Yet we all agree that integrating the Arts into everyday learning at school has a positive impact on student outcomes.

The bottom line is that schools know that arts subjects like Music, Dance, Performing and Visual Arts are important, but they just don’t have the appropriate resources to embed the Arts into their school curriculum. So those really strong outcomes – that are directly linked to arts education – are just not happening.

Right now, there are 1.7 million children across this country who are missing out on learning something they love. The Arts helps to build their confidence, motivates them to come to school every day, and helps them to achieve better results in subjects like Reading and Maths.

Donate to The Song Room

Here at The Song Room, we are working hard to provide assistance to schools to deliver better quality arts learning programs. We are placing Teaching Artists in as many schools as possible to support student achievement and to build the skills of generalist teachers.  The demand is there.  We hear from schools everyday who need our programs but they struggle to prioritise the Arts – and this is where you can make a difference.

A social worker at a primary school in regional Victoria recently told me that she googled ‘how to reduce absenteeism’.  This is how she found out about The Song Room.Donate to The Song Room

She went on to say that she is desperately searching for ways to keep local kids in school. Getting these students interested in learning, and their parents more involved in their learning as well is challenging. 

Every morning, including today, the school’s attendance bus circled the local streets hoping to pick up students because these kids just don’t get to school.

English is the second language for 80% of the students at this school, and two-thirds of the students’ parents or carers are unemployed.  

She said that,

Families experience generational poverty because of a lack of education.

Together, we can help change this in many communities around the country by giving these children a good reason to go to school and teaching them the things that really interest them – like Music and Visual Arts. These subjects build their confidence, make them happy, and they end up achieving better results in subjects like Reading and Maths too.

Donate to The Song Room

Inequalities between students from different social backgrounds already exist when they start primary school.  Worryingly, these inequalities only increase as students progress through the education system.

But you can help. Donating today will put more Teaching Artists in disadvantaged schools. Those Teaching Artists will not only work with the students to help them develop new skills, feel happy, and enjoy coming to school more often, they’ll also work with the teachers in the school to build their capability, capacity and confidence so they can integrate the Arts into their everyday teaching practice in classrooms. Your gift will ensure disadvantaged children are given a chance to put their best foot forward in life.

The results are there. Students who participate in the Arts, actually do better academically. The Arts encourages them to learn and grow while building confidence and self-esteem. A well-rounded education helps families break the cycle of generational poverty I mentioned earlier.

Your investment will not only support these kids today, but it will contribute to the school and broader community for years to come.  Arts education provides children with a way to imagine, create and think differently about a range of challenges they’ll face throughout their lives.

Your support matters.


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