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Give today and help kids perform… on the stage and academically

I would like to introduce you to Ben. He is 8-years-old and in Year 3.

At school, the other kids wouldn’t talk to Ben. He felt vulnerable and avoided talking to them.

For a long time, Ben felt isolated and didn’t want to go to school to learn. However, he also faced challenges at home.

His teachers noticed that his challenges were impacting on his social skills and his ability to concentrate in the classroom.

He didn’t use his voice to communicate. He felt worthless.

Unsurprisingly, Ben had little motivation to be at school. Most of the time, he just preferred to be at home.

And his school was one of the most disadvantaged in Australia.

As the CEO at The Song Room, my challenge is to level the learning playing field for children like Ben who are also experiencing similar challenges.

The research is clear: providing schools with music programs makes a positive impact on learning outcomes. It also helps to bridge the education gap that exists right now, in our country.

Did you know that 3 out of 4 schools do not have a dedicated music teacher?

This is why I am writing to you today, to urgently ask for your help before the school year starts in 2019. Donate today to help kids like Ben.

With your support, music education can be provided throughout Australia’s most disadvantaged schools and communities.

The need to provide music education is evident and the impact is real.

Music education engages children in school and enables them to:

  • Attend school more often;
  • Achieve better grades across all areas including literacy, science and numeracy;
  • Build self-esteem and confidence and experience less stress, depression, loneliness and anger.

The Principal at Ben’s school realised that music could be the answer and contacted us.

At the beginning of this year, Simone was introduced to Ben’s class.

Simone is a Teaching Artist – a professional singer with the mind and skills of an educator. All our Teaching Artists build confidence, self-esteem and critical thinking skills in students – helping to transform their lives.

Literacy and numeracy skills are incredibly important to develop, but it’s often music and arts where children find the passion and curiosity which ultimately steers the direction of their lives.

Participation in a music program helps to level the playing field for those kids challenged by mainstream education expectations.

When Ben had access to a new singing program, his life began to change.

I had the absolute pleasure of attending the concert for Ben’s school. After his performance, he told me “Singing makes me feel alive!”

How brilliant is that?

Twelve months ago, Ben lacked confidence and struggled even to speak in school.

Today, he is confident and excited about learning new things.

His teachers are amazed to see his academic results improve dramatically – all thanks to his new love of singing.

Please donate now to help build the confidence of children like Ben.

You will make it possible for primary school students like Ben to share in all the benefits that arts and music education provides – academically, socially and emotionally.

Please give this festive season. Thank you.

With warm wishes,

Simon Gipson
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. With your gift, the 2019 school year will start with impactful music programs where they are needed most. Children like Ben can kick off the year excited and ready to perform – on the stage and academically. Donate now. Thank you.

*To protect his identity, these images do not feature Ben. We have also changed his name.


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