Transformational Learning Through Creativity Expression of Interest / Transformational Learning Through Creativity Expression of Interest

Give your School Some TLC – Transformational Learning Through Creativity

Arts Learning programs offered by The Song Room deliver highly effective, evidence-based, integrated solutions tailored to your school community’s needs. The Song Room’s Arts Learning programs over a 12 month period are evidenced to deliver:

  • An equivalent one year catch up in NAPLAN scores
  • Reduced absenteeism by 65%
  • Significant increases in socio-emotional well-being, particularly increased confidence and self-esteem. Children come to school eager to learn and ready to participate.

The positive effects of The Song Room’s music and arts programs are felt well beyond the classroom. Our Teaching Artists help to build confidence, self-esteem and critical thinking skills in students. They are also there to help generalist teachers feel more confident about integrating the Arts into their teaching practice.

Participation in music and the arts levels the playing field for those kids challenged by mainstream education expectations and evidence-based research shows it has a positive impact on numeracy and literacy outcomes as well.

The Song Room is a nimble, entrepreneurial, social purpose organisation that levels the learning playing field for children experiencing disadvantage through an impactful, sustainable & scalable approach to Arts Learning. We work in partnership with schools and communities across Australia to improve student outcomes and school engagement.

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