Social return on Investment / The Impact

International research has proven the positive effects music and arts-based learning has on economies and social harmony.

“All the empirical evidence suggests that countries that invest in arts and in innovation, as a result, are more productive nations” Hon. Simon Crean MP, ABC Radio National interview, August 2011

  • Every UK pound invested in creative partnerships with schools has as much as a ¬£15 return to the economy*
  • Based on this evidence, The Song Room currently adds over $50 million worth of economic return to the Australian economy using that UK multiplier
  • The social benefits of children remaining engaged at school include lower crime rates, better health and more social cohesion, according to the OECD in 2002

*According to Price Waterhouse Coopers who assessed our UK peer organisation managing the Creative Partnerships initiative Culture, Creativity and Education.

View our research here.


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