Social-emotional wellbeing / The Impact

We reach more than 8,000 of Australia’s most disadvantaged school children each year at The Song Room with our face to face programs.

Research shows The Song Room students are more confident, less lonely and begin to engage more with the school curriculum. They also become more involved in their local school communities and relate better with their group in and out of class.

Our work helps these children understand how to express their emotions and opinions in a constructive way. They can then contribute to the wider school community more positively and confidently.

“The school they attend is small and unable to fund opportunities like this. So for our students this is a gift for life. The opportunity for personal, social and cognitive development. An opportunity to build lifelong skills that otherwise would not be possible” Teacher, Carlton Primary School, VIC.

  • 45% of children who are part of The Song Room programs reached the highest levels on the Social Emotional Wellbeing Index, compared to less than a third in non-participating schools
  • Boys in particular showed a greater ability to control anger when they are part of The Song Room’s programs. Less than a third reported trouble controlling their anger

View our research here.


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