School grades / The Impact

Our independent research proves that children involved with The Song Room music and arts programs perform better and enjoy themselves more at school.

The impacts we have on students can be measured by better results in their grades, by improvements in the way they relate to their teachers, by a heightened sense of self-esteem and by their levels of engagement. Children’s stress levels, depression, loneliness and anger all declined.

“The students wrote most of their own lines, which increased their literacy and vocabulary. They came up with their own characters and the story line. This created a sense of pride and ownership. It also showed how writing can come alive on stage,” The Song Room Teaching Artist, Carlton Primary School, VIC.

  • Analysis of NAPLAN tests prove that children’s literacy jumped an entire school year with The Song Room

  • Almost 100% of children participating in The Song Room achieved literacy results above national minimum standards
  • Science and technology grades were significantly higher to the tune of an extra six months learning for children in The Song Room
  • Children in The Song Room programs had higher academic performance and social-emotional wellbeing compared to children without that access

View our research here.



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