Indigenous children / The Impact

By the time they turn 15, Indigenous children will be on average more than two years behind non-Indigenous children in reading literacy.

Independent research shows that even the most disinterested and isolated children begin to engage more with their learning and interact more with the class when they are in The Song Room programs. Their attendance levels and commitment to their education also improved tenfold.

The Song Room’s three-part music and arts-based program focusses on children, their parents and their community. It engages children in a broad range of arts activities, it helps their parents engage more in their education as well as with the wider school community. This helps close the gap between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous groups whether they are children or adults.


“Students were immersed in curriculum learning throughout the sessions, which focused on The Olympics, Fathers Day, Indigenous studies, transport and colour” The Song Room Teaching Artist, MOSS EDCU, QLD.

  • Literacy gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children almost disappeared for those in The Song Room programs
  • 26% fewer Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children fell below the national literacy standards for reading
  • There was an 8.1% increase in the number of children with full attendance in regional communities
  • Significantly less absenteeism was recorded on days The Song Room programs and activities were being conducted, compared to other school days

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