Socio-Economic disadvantage / The Big Picture

Australian children from low-income households on average don’t do as well as school as those from homes with higher incomes.

  • At 15 years old the literacy gap between Australia’s poorest and wealthiest children equates to three years of learning
  • Only 50% of Australia’s poorest children complete year 12
  • Unemployment rates for early school leavers are more than double those who complete year 12
  • Average incomes are 10-13% lower for early school leavers than those who finish year 12
  • Average incomes are 40% lower for early school leavers compared to university graduates

The work we do at The Song Room directly addresses many Federal and State Government policies in education and the arts, particularly in addressing disadvantage in high need and low socio-economic communities to improve educational outcomes for children from low socio-economic backgrounds.

Our music and arts-based programs have been independently proven to help increase children’s literacy and numeracy levels at school. Children obtain better grades, attend school more and improve their social abilities through The Song Room programs.

Our work is instrumental in reducing inequality and increasing accessibility to education through the arts. We work closely with government, Catholic and independent schools to do our best to provide all children with access to a quality education that connects them with community, arts and culture.


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