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A significant number of refugees and children newly arrived in Australia face pressures of being relocated to another country, away from everything they know.

  • In 2006/07 45% of refugees were under 16
  • In 2008/09 a total of 13,507 refugee visas were granted, with a high percentage being school-aged children
  • Some of these refugee children came to Australia as unaccompanied minors or with siblings only
  • We work alongside the Australian government in its ‘Settlement Grants Programs’ (SGP)

The ‘New Moves’ study that was independently conducted for The Song Room by Victoria University, provides strong evidence that the work we do helps lessen language and learning barriers for refugee children.

Not only do refugee and new arrival children have to leave one culture and find their way in another, they have to contend with a new school system, learn a new language and make friends in a new place.

With The Song Room programs in English Language Schools (ELS), we’re able to reach these children who may have spent much of their lives in refugee camps. Some of them will be living in the shadows of significant trauma.

The ‘New Moves’ research showed language barriers were less pressing in The Song Room classes. They helped refugee children open up, engage with others, learn English and improve their self-confidence.

Our programs have also become an effective way to promote and encourage community cohesion and acceptance.



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