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The Song Room works in partnership with diverse organisations and individuals across the music, arts, education, government, corporate and community sectors.

This helps ensure high quality, tailored music and creative arts programs reach the schools and communities most in need.

The Song Room partnership model recognises the long-term value of community investment and draws together a wide range of stakeholders to work collaboratively to ensure the best possible outcomes for our programs.

Through The Song Room partnerships we can:

  • Access specialist Teaching Artists who are otherwise unavailable
  • Link clusters of schools through inter-school performances and events
  • Enable children to learn from professional artists
  • Encourage greater participation in the school and community by stimulating creativity and enhancing student learning and self-esteem
  • Act as a catalyst for change and cooperation in disadvantaged communities
  • Subsidise the cost of other artistic opportunities


The Song Room programs are very much a partnership with each school.

Workshops are conducted by locally employed Song Room Teaching Artists and are tailored specifically for the diverse needs of each school community. Program plans are based on local needs, demographics and evidence-based exemplary practice.

The Song Room also provides professional development for generalist teachers to increase their skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver high quality, Australian curriculum-aligned music and arts programs on their own.

If you would like to speak to us about getting a Song Room program in your school, please get in touch here.


The Song Room values its partnerships with leading peak bodies and organisations in the arts and cultural sectors to deliver the highest quality, expert-driven workshops and resources.

Our partnerships deliver direct benefits to the children. Whether it is by having access to mentors or attending performances by professional artists from here and abroad, the children broaden their access and exposure to different forms of art and music.

The Song Room values partnerships with leading peak bodies and organisations in the arts and cultural sectors, to deliver the highest quality, expert-driven workshops and resources.


The Song Room community partnerships and collaborations lead to long-term benefits. From them we form unique and valuable partnerships between artists, schools and their wider communities.

This is why we partner with a broad range of localised, community-led organisations and individuals such as parent groups, local and small businesses, and regional and community hubs. By doing so we are collaboratively delivering programs that ensure the best possible outcomes for the children and their communities.

If you or your organisation would like to become a partner, collaborate with or sponsor The Song Room, you can get involved here.

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