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Three in four Australian school children are currently missing out on all the benefits of specialised music education.

This is despite irrefutable research that finds arts-based learning makes major improvements in children’s academic performance, their social wellbeing and their participation in school life.

The Song Room delivers in-school workshop programs in partnership with schools to provide a mixture of activities in music and the creative and performing arts.


The programs run for a minimum of six months and are complemented by other school programs such as performances and productions, holiday programs and professional development sessions for generalist teachers.

The Song Room in-school workshops are:

  • Conducted by locally employed Song Room Teaching Artists
  • Tailored to meet the diverse needs of each school community
  • Planned based on need, demographics and evidence-based exemplary practice
  • Supported by professional development sessions to enhance impact and work towards self-sustainability.

The Song Room also runs Deadly Arts programs, which provide a positive cultural connection for primary school students. The programs provide opportunities for the students to learn about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge, cultures and histories.

Through these creative music and arts programs, we build children’s confidence, focus, overall participation and engagement.

In addition, The Song Room offers a suite of complementary programs aimed at early learning and literacy; programs for teenagers with learning, health and disability challenges; and community engagement.

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