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DUET: In-school Teacher Music Mentoring

Music is one of the most effective ways to engage children in their learning. Victorian Government Primary and Specialist Schools have been offered mentoring in music education under a new, major professional learning initiative, called DUET, being offered by The Song Room.

Taking into consideration the limited time most teachers have for professional learning, the majority of the program is delivered in class during school hours. It gives teachers an excellent opportunity to work in partnership with a Song Room Teaching Artist over a semester to build their music skills with a tailored, fun approach to high-quality professional learning.

Music offers a very effective way for primary school teachers to improve student learning, well-being and personal development. It has an impact on learning outcomes across subject areas, builds school engagement, self-esteem, and most importantly, the ability for young people to relate to each other.

DUET includes a Teaching Artist delivering a music education program in schools one day a week, active in-class mentoring, access to digital music education resources via ARTS:LIVE, and professional learning workshops which will help teachers to build their confidence and introduce more music learning into the classroom.

DUET is designed to be inclusive of the broader teaching staff, school leadership and students who all benefit. It offers an outstanding opportunity for schools who do not currently run a music education program to take the first steps towards initiating one.

DUET is now underway and will conclude at the end of Semester 1, 2019.

The Song Room acknowledges the support of the Victorian Department of Education and Training.

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