The Song Room’s TLC HUGE Day Out

The Song Room’s TLC HUGE Day Out

In November of this year, 400 students from The Song Room’s Transformational Learning through Creativity (TLC) program celebrated their learning in the TLC Huge Day Out.

The workshop was designed to bring the community together to experience music making on a large scale. Students, teachers and principals from five schools on the Limestone Coast in South Australia gathered with community members at Millicent Civic and Arts Centre to share and also create.

Students, teachers and a principal explain why The Song Room has been so important to their school community:

TLC Huge Day Out: The Song Room TLC Teaching Artist Mentor, Scott Maxwell, with students, teachers, principals and also staff. Melaleuca Park Primary School, Millicent North Primary School, Mt Burr Primary School, Penola Primary School, Rendelsham Primary School, SA.

The Song Room’s TLC program is a multi-year, multi-artform initiative. It transforms students, teachers and the entire school culture, through impactful engagement in arts education. So far, it has been delivered in 17 regional primary schools in 4 regional clusters over a three-year period (2020-2022). These include schools across Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and South Australia.

In South Australia, The Song Room’s TLC pilot program is made possible by the Australian Government’s Department of Education with co-invest from South Australian Government’s Music Innovation Fund.