Double your donation and help children to thrive in 2023 through arts learning.

Double your donation and help children to thrive in 2023 through arts learning.

Right now, every $1 you give to The Song Room will be generously matched by Gaudry Foundation to the total value of $10,000. Please, help children to thrive in 2023 with a gift to The Song Room this festive season. Your generosity will help us to provide quality arts education to children experiencing disadvantage.

primary school students playing recorders with When arts learning happens appeal written

So much happens when Arts Learning happens!

Children are motivated to come to school, eager to participate, and they experience success that builds their confidence. Rich arts learning experiences can help students to connect with their classmates and find a sense of belonging at school.

All of this promotes learning, improves wellbeing and also helps young people to develop the social and emotional skills needed to reach their potential.

In Victoria, Jack* sat quietly at the back of the classroom, not willing to participate. Too shy to answer questions. His Teaching Artist recognised his interest in technology and asked him to take charge of the playlist in dance class. Before long he was directing students on when to enter and what steps came next. His classroom teacher says he now puts his hand up in other classes too.

primary school students enjoying arts learning lesson in music that help children to thrive

Sadly, it’s the most vulnerable children who could benefit most from high-quality arts learning. These children, who start school behind those from an advantaged background1, have had another year of interrupted learning due to teacher shortages and school disruptions. The impact on their wellbeing is ongoing and needs urgent attention.

Unfortunately, 3 out of 4 schools in Australia are without a dedicated arts or music teacher. There is so much work to do to ensure all students receive quality arts educational opportunities.


Please help with a gift of arts learning this festive season.

Through your generous donation, an expert Teaching Artists can empower students like Jack to imagine new possibilities in one of our arts learning programs.


Empower children to thrive in 2023.

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  1.  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 2016, Low-Performing Students: Why They Fall Behind and How to Help Them Succeed. Country Note Australia. Retrieved from: https://www.oecd.org/australia/PISA-2012-low-performers-Australia-ENG.pdf   

* Identity changed for student privacy.