Song Room’s new Kaleidoscope program looks forward to bright outcomes

Song Room’s new Kaleidoscope program looks forward to bright outcomes

The Song Room has developed an industry leading in-school arts and wellbeing program that incorporates trauma-informed teaching practice and social and emotional learning pedagogies to address social and emotional issues facing students in 2022.

Primary school student playing drum giving victory hand sign
Preston South Primary School, Victoria

The new program, called Kaleidoscope, was launched with support from the Victorian Department of Education and Training through the Positive Start in 2022 initiative. Approximately 100 Victorian primary and specialist schools have the opportunity to take part in the program for free this year.

This new program is designed to positively impact students’ social, emotional and cognitive development at a critical time as schools respond to, and recover from, COVID-19. With a strong focus on student wellbeing and sequential, curriculum-aligned arts learning, the program will be delivered in schools during terms 2 to 4.

Our education team, trained in trauma-informed practice and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) pedagogies, will help students explore self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship skills through music, dance, drama, visual arts and performing arts.

Schools may wish to target individuals, small groups of at-risk students, or address connection and wellbeing more broadly in programs delivered to the entire classroom. The program is flexible and responsive. The Song Room’s education team will work closely with school leadership and allied/mental health practitioners in schools to identify vulnerable students and classes for participation and to structure sessions around learning priorities.

Through Kaleidoscope students will be empowered to flourish. They will reconnect with friends and find inspiration with new creative opportunities.

You can sign up for the Kaleidoscope program here.