Significant new partnership with The Ian Potter Foundation confirms strength of The Song Room

Significant new partnership with The Ian Potter Foundation confirms strength of The Song Room

The Song Room has recently received long-term, capacity building funding from The Ian Potter Foundation. This significant grant will help The Song Room to increase its impact and realise its growth ambitions at a critical time for young people and school communities.

Primary School children enjoying Arts Learning lesson in Music

We extend our heartfelt thanks to The Ian Potter Foundation for its support. We are extremely proud to be a recipient of a capacity-building grant round through The Alec Sewell Prentice Gift.

This support comes at a critical time in educational and social change. It will enable The Song Room to continue to address the needs of declining education standards in Australia by strengthening our core, enabling innovative approaches to arts education to be scoped and tested, and also to provide the organisation with a strong foundation for future growth.

The Ian Potter Foundation has been a supporter and valued friend of The Song Room since 2009. Together we have helped young people and schools access high-quality arts education led by impact and a vision to uplift, enrich and transform communities.

“Capacity building funding of this scale is rare and shows visionary leadership. I extend sincere gratitude to the Ian Potter Foundation and its Board of Governors for their confidence in The Song Room. We look forward to working with the Foundation over the coming years to realise the grant’s purpose and build a brighter future for young people in Australia.”

Alice Gerlach, Chief Executive Officer, The Song Room

The Ian Potter Foundation is one of Australia’s major philanthropic foundations. The Foundation makes grants nationally to support charitable organisations working to benefit the community across a wide range of sectors. These include the arts, medical research, public health research, early childhood development, community wellbeing, as well as environmental science. The Ian Potter Foundation aims to support and promote a fair, healthy, sustainable and vibrant Australia.


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