Read about The Song Room’s biggest year yet! Introducing the 2022 Year in Review

Read about The Song Room’s biggest year yet! Introducing the 2022 Year in Review

The Song Room’s 2022 Year in Review was launched today. It celebrates a huge year of student impact, teacher support and more schools than ever benefitting from the rich experience of arts learning with The Song Room.

front cover image of Year in Review primary school students enjoying arts learning lesson with mural

The Song Room expanded reach and impact to address the enormous challenges facing the most vulnerable in our community in 2022. Program delivery increased by 24% across 70% more schools in 2022. We introduced an innovative new wellbeing program to 100 primary schools and delivered over 31 professional development sessions to support teachers during a challenging 2022. It was big!

The impact was felt across schools.

“(The Song Room) experience really did engage students and this will support them in all areas of their learning. It supported their well-being and how they feel connected to school.” – Music Teacher, VIC

The Song Room community of friends and supporters understand the impact that arts learning can have on young people’s personal development, educational outcomes and on their community involvement. Thank you to all of our contributors who helped grow revenue in 2022 by 27% to meet needs during a challenging year in the education sector.

The brilliant Teaching Artists and hardworking Song Room team deserve a special shout out for their passion, expertise and unwavering commitment to providing young people with the opportunity to thrive at school and in life. Congratulations to the entire team for all they achieved in 2022.

Enjoy reading about The Song Room’s incredible year in the 2022 Year in Review. 

Reviews from previous years can be found at the bottom of the Our Story page on our website here.