Victorian Mental Health Menu – Register now for a Song Room arts and wellbeing program.

Victorian Mental Health Menu – Register now for a Song Room arts and wellbeing program.

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Sign up now to get an arts and wellbeing learning program from The Song Room at your school. Help enhance students’ wellbeing, increase engagement, and build a strong school culture by fostering pride and a sense of belonging through the arts. Sign up for 2023 today!


The Song Room is now on the Victorian Schools Mental Health Menu.

If you are in Victoria, you’ll be pleased to know that The Song Room’s arts and wellbeing program is now available on the Victorian Schools Mental Health Menu. The menu is a list of evidence-based programs, endorsed by the Victorian Government to support schools to improve the mental health and wellbeing of their students. Victorian schools can start planning for 2023 by using the Menu now to source high-quality programs.

To assist schools to purchase items off the menu, eligible government schools will receive funding from the Schools Mental Health Fund. Government funding is being rolled out based on schools’ location between now and 2024, with rural and regional schools prioritised. Rural and regional schools have received the funding from the Victorian government. You can apply right now for a Song Room arts and wellbeing program to start in 2023. Metro schools can register now and start planning for when the funding roll out commences in Term 1 , 2023.

Find out more about The Song Room arts and wellbeing program on the Victorian Schools Mental Health Menu today.


The Song Room delivers music and arts programs across Australia.

What ever part of the country you’re from, it’s easy to get a high-quality, curriculum-aligned arts learning program at your school with The Song Room.  We have over twenty years’ experience working in partnership with schools to deliver multi-artform, arts learning programs that impact student, teacher and community outcomes.

The Song Room will work with you to address the needs of your students and the strategic priorities of your school. Mentors can support your teachers with planning, in-class modelling and professional development. Plus, The Song Room timetables the program collaboratively, so it is easy to integrate it into your planning for 2023.


Why should my school sign up?

A Song Room evidence-based, arts learning program is for your school if you would like to:

  • Improve the SEL competencies of your students
  • Increase feelings of school pride and belonging
  • Improve student attendance
  • Increase learner confidence and motivation
  • Improve teachers’ skills and confidence to deliver curriculum-aligned arts learning.

For costs and more information register your interest today, or get in touch at enquiries@songrooom.org.au.

We look forward to working with you to bring joy, connection and great learning to your students.

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