Double your impact with The Song Room’s 25th Anniversary Giving Day!

Double your impact with The Song Room’s 25th Anniversary Giving Day!

This year, The Song Room is celebrating its 25th anniversary. With over 500,000 disadvantaged Australian children and teachers impacted through our programs to date, the anniversary marks an important milestone for us to celebrate and look to the future. We’d love you to join us!


On Thursday 6 June 2024 we are holding our 25th Anniversary Giving Day to raise funds to urgently grow the impact of our programs. For this special event, every dollar you donate will be doubled, and will go a long way to improving the education, wellbeing, personal development and community involvement of young people experiencing disadvantage.

Arts Learning gives young people confidence, connection and the opportunity to thrive at school and in life. Despite this, three in four Australian schools do not have a specialist music teacher1. An increasing equity gap in education continues to persist in Australia2. These gaps are experienced most acutely by children in regional, remote and communities experiencing disadvantage.

In our 25th year, we invite you to support these children who continue to miss out through a donation to The Song Room’s Giving Day. Together we can make a difference. Your donation to The Song Room will:  

  • Improve student wellbeing
  • Increase educational inclusion and equity
  • Build cultural connection and understanding at a young age
  • Improve access to creative digital education
  • Build strong school communities that celebrate the arts and culture.

Arts Learning gives me a voice at school and in life

Let’s come together to share the power of Arts Learning and amplify our impact. This is your chance to double the impact that Arts Learning gives, to inspire change, and be part of something truly special.

Donate, spread the word, and join us in celebrating the transformative power of Arts Learning with The Song Room. 🎶

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Visit our The Song Room’s 25th Anniversary Giving Day page to learn more


1. Robin Stevens, Trends in School Music Education Provision in Australia, The Music Council of Australia in collaboration with the Australian Society for Music Education and the Australian Music Association (2003)

2. Philanthropy Australia, Advancing Education: Giving for school aged learning and wellbeing in Australia (2024)