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Brian Caldwell on ArtsHub

One of the country’s leading educational researchers, Brian Caldwell of Educational Transformations (who are responsible for undertaking the research project Bridging the Gap in School Achievement through the Arts, as well as the publication Transforming Education through the Arts, both based on The Song Room programs) took to ArtsHub to write a piece on Australia’s preoccupation with numeracy and literacy testing and call for a more well-rounded approach to education and testing structures.

Professor Caldwell’s article argues for an increase in public support for not-for-profit organizations such as The Song Room, which delivers programs targeting gaps in current music and arts education which lift academic performance, whilst contributing to social and emotional wellbeing and community involvement in children.

“Research worldwide confirms that participation in the arts may increase academic outcomes, increase IQ, improve literacy and numeracy, and improve attendance, resilience, self-regulation, self-esteem, identity, self-concept, self-efficacy and motivation, empathy, tolerance, cooperation, collaboration and communication” ‚Äì Professor Brian Caldwell.

The full article can be viewed here.

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