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You Can Help Children Thrive in 2021!

This year we have been reminded of what it is to be challenged, and why it is so important to support one another with compassion and courage in difficult times.

Joy, connection, and hope are more than seasonal sentiments, they are ideals that can change lives. This festive season, as we recover from a year like no other, your gift can help young people thrive in 2021.

Throughout 2020, The Song Room has provided transformative and powerful Arts Learning experiences which have lifted children up and provided moments of connectedness. We have helped young people to process, explore and express themselves and given them opportunities to act creatively, think flexibly, and solve problems, while developing empathy and understanding.

The Song Room has provided a safe space for young people to experiment, make mistakes and become more resilient, getting them ready to handle whatever challenges come their way in the future.

Providing these learning opportunities can be the difference in a child’s development.

This year we worked with students at Tyabb Railway Station in Victoria during a period of extensive remote learning. The students received continuous classes in the Arts through their Song Room Teaching Artist and stayed motivated and connected to their learning. When students returned to school, the Principal reported a 99% attendance rate for the first week back.*

Unfortunately, not everyone had this experience. Your support is now urgently needed to help vulnerable children access a quality education.

Many young people have missed out on vital areas of learning this year*. With gaps in education, disconnection from school and community, and concerns for their well-being, young people experiencing disadvantage are now at greater risk of falling further behind. There is a lot of work to be done. In NSW alone, more than 3,000 public school students have not returned to the classroom since remote learning began in May.*

A donation of just $79 will help parents access engaging online learning resources for their children, and $135 will give a child the chance to reconnect to their learning through a six-month arts program. If you would rather make a regular, long-term contribution, monthly donations of $30 will help provide Arts Learning support for an entire class.

COVID-19 has exacerbated many issues for those experiencing disadvantage. Now is the time to support students and schools with programs that will help tackle these complex issues and help children thrive in 2021.

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