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Wash My Wounds and Make Me Well

“You showed me where to go
I was new and I didn’t know
You helped me understand
I was lost in a foreign land

You’re like my brother or my sister
Always looking after me
When I’m hurt you’re there to help me
Wash my wounds and make me well”*


These powerful words were written by the students from Collingwood English
Language School in the outer-Melbourne suburb of Broadmeadows, in The Song Room’s program at the school facilitated by our Teaching Artist Sheldon King.  

Many of the students at this school and their families sought refuge in Australia after experiencing significant violence and trauma in their homelands.

It is heartbreaking to hear these children talk about the tragedies they had endured. Yet when they made music together, they were positively transformed.

Sheldon creates a space for these students where they feel safe, can develop confidence and are able to learn together.

Sheldon enabled these traumatised young people to find something positive in their lives. With Sheldon’s guidance, they wrote songs together to help them to understand their environment, build their sense of identity and community, and supported them in processing their feelings. Their lyrics tell an incredible story, as you can read above.  

There is no doubt that The Song Room’s Teaching Artists empower disadvantaged children; we should do everything we can to assist them. And we know that the learning opportunities provided by The Song Room in turn lead to a greater engagement with other subject areas, and even greater chance that these children will attend school more often.     

All for the cost of $80 per student for a semester. 

Please donate today.


*Lyrics by the children from CELS Broadmeadows & Sheldon King

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