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The Song Room WINS on Channel Nine’s Celebrity Apprentice

For 5 weeks, Channel Nine aired the top-rating show, Celebrity Apprentice, where 12 of Australia’s most well-known and controversial celebrities competed to raise money for their various charities. Around 1.61 million viewers tuned in to watch the finale of Australia’s Celebrity Apprentice. At stake was $100,000 for the winning celebrity apprentice’s charity and the title of Australia’s first celebrity apprentice.

Celebrity dance guru, Jason Coleman (So You Think You Can Dance), selected The Song Room as his chosen charity. Jason said he chose The Song Room “because I really believe that music and dance has the power to bring joy into peoples worlds, and unfortunately particularly in some of the smaller and more rural schools there are no music teachers left and the kids are missing out on the opportunity of finding the joy and healing power of music. So hopefully we can raise some money so they can spread the joy out there. I’ve chosen to come on this reality show to raise money for this good cause‚Ķ it would mean a lot to me that all the kids in all the schools got all the same opportunities.”

With her undefeated score in the competition, Julia Morris was crowned Australia’s first Celebrity Apprentice with Jason Coleman in second place. After emotions ran high in the final Boardroom elimination, Julia was given the $100,000 cheque for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, but she returned it to be halved with The Song Room.

Julia explained when asking for the cheque to be spilt between the two charities: “I really think that The Song Room’s amazing. And I really believe that the children who don’t have a lot of money in this country really deserve music in their lives. It’s given me lots of joy.”

A huge thanks from The Song Room to both Jason and Julia for their support!

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