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Engaging Indigenous Children Through Creativity

This tax time, The Song Room is focussing our fundraising efforts on reaching Indigenous students in regional and remote communities.

In the decade that The Song Room has been running in-school workshop programs for disadvantaged Australian children, we have had significant success increasing attendance rates and improving the quality of education for Indigenous children. Independently researched outcomes that confirm the educational and social benefits of our music and arts programs for children from Indigenous backgrounds have shown:

  • Improved school attendance: an average 67% reduction in absenteeism for Indigenous children
  • Improved learning outcomes: the equivalent of one year’s improvement for literacy and numeracy
  • Improved social and emotional wellbeing: 97% of children showed improvements in confidence and self esteem
  • Improved parental engagement with their child’s learning

Put simply, The Song Room programs are up to 16 times more effective at closing the gap in Indigenous education than the overall population improvements.


As a non-profit organisation, The Song Room relies on donations from our supporters to help us improve the education outcomes of Indigenous children across Australia. This tax time, please consider a gift to The Song Room to help us continue to make a difference.

Right now, 52% of Indigenous five year old children are classified as ‘at risk’ or ‘vulnerable’ in the domain of language and cognitive skills.

Three critical issues facing Indigenous students are:

  • Lower Literacy: By Year 3, Indigenous children have lower levels of literacy and numeracy than their non-Indigenous peers and this gap widens to over 2 years as the children move through formal schooling
  • High absenteeism: Indigenous students miss around 26 days of school per year compared with 8 days for the rest of the population
  • Lack of parental engagement: Indigenous parents are often marginalized from engaging in their children’s schooling, due to gaps in understanding Aboriginal cultural values and broad views of family responsibility

The Song Room has delivered arts-based programs to disadvantaged schools for over ten years now. In that time we have refined our programs to deliver them as cost-effectively as possible. Our programs are so efficient that they have been independently proven to close the gap in Indigenous literacy for only $80 per child for a six-month program.

Please consider a gift to The Song Room today.


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