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The Song Room 2021 Appeal

“We have a very small window of opportunity to recover students once they disconnect from their learning. That time is now.” says Elise Hopkins, Director Arts Learning.

While the health-related concerns of COVID-19 continue to be well-managed in Australia, the longer term social, emotional and psychological effects of the pandemic are now key concerns for teachers and community leaders. According to the Australian Human Rights Commission the top three fears for young people right now are mental health concerns, education impact, and social isolation.

We face a critical time in our schools as many students deal with the impact of the pandemic and the associated disruptions to their education. Disruptions felt mostly keenly by those experiencing disadvantage who had limited access to online learning and support at home. These children continue to experience anxiety and isolation, and as a result, disengage from learning. The time to act is now.

“For a change to happen, it takes a sustained effort. In a music lesson, you’ve got great group work, cooperation, collaboration, and that sense of community.” says Scott Maxwell, Teaching Artist Lead.

Many Australian children already face long-term disadvantage due to poor access to quality education resources. This was exacerbated during 2020. At 15 years of age the literacy gap between Australia’s poorest and wealthiest children equates to 3 years of learning, while unemployment rates for early school leavers are double those who complete year 12. We cannot allow these students to fall further behind.

By donating to The Song Room this tax-appeal, you will provide students with Arts Learning programs that directly address gaps in education and the need for social and emotion learning. Our programs give students the opportunity to uncover and process feelings of anxiety and stress in a safe environment. The programs connect them with their peers and the wider school community giving them a sense of belonging and purpose.

Our research shows Song Room students are more confident, less lonely and begin to engage more with the curriculum, giving them access to quality education and helping them to break the cycle of disadvantage.

By world standards Australia has performed extremely well during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our success is due our ability to safe-guard the entire community through decisive action and by working as a community to protect the most vulnerable. Help us to continue this success by providing children in need with the opportunity to break the poverty cycle through access to high quality education.

If you haven’t donated yet, you can donate here. Your contribution could change a children’s life.

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