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The nib foundation wellbeing program in Hunter Valley

The Song Room has recently established the ‘Tuned in for Life – Arts and Wellbeing’ program in three schools in the Hunter Valley with a focus on increasing student wellbeing.

The project incorporates a 40 week drama and drumming in-school workshop program for children and their teachers, alongside a Teacher Mentoring program to embed key skills and resources in the schools’ learning programs.

The students in this program are largely disengaged from school life and their challenging behaviours have at times led to suspensions, non attendance and interrupted studies. The Song Room music and arts engagement programs are proven to have a direct impact on increasing students’ chances of success in school and gaining employment later in life.

After only a few weeks in the program, the teachers have noticed a considerable improvement in the wellbeing of students:

‘One student in-particular has become my A+ student, the staff are also aware of his social progress as this boy otherwise has no enthusiasm about anything but reading. He will not participate in activities and does not engage or vocalize ideas, yet in the drumming workshops he is totally consumed in every aspect. He remembers and answers the questions given and he offers his ideas and strives hard to conquer the task given. The teachers are so amazed by his participation.’ – Song Room Teaching Artist

This program is proudly supported by nib foundation and delivered in the school courtesy of The Song Room.

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