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The Australian Curriculum: The Arts Endorsed

The Song Room joins colleagues in welcoming the Australian Education Council’s final endorsement this month of The Australian Curriculum: The Arts.

This latest update will build a national education system that improves learning outcomes while reducing the impact of disadvantage, with the arts noted as being integral to this success. This Arts Curriculum includes five primary disciplines; Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music, Visual Arts, each with general and specific links to other core learning areas with the goal of providing students with a well-rounded, critical and creative education.

The Song Room’s digital arts learning platform, ARTS:LIVE, was launched back in 2013 with the simple goal of equipping Australian school teachers with a broad range of practical arts resources so that they can readily incorporate sequential arts teaching content across a range of disciplines with confidence and proficiency.

ARTS:LIVE contains a wealth of resources, such as instructional videos, teacher guides, curriculum alignment, student activity sheets and more, all created in partnership with some of Australia’s leading arts organisations and practitioners. This partnership approach ensures that all courses focus on best practice, reflecting Australia’s high standing as arts leaders, while providing broad access to primary and secondary school teachers in Australia free of charge, so that students have the opportunity to experience all the benefits of a creative education.

Endorsed by Education Services Australia, ARTS:LIVE is now being used in over 60% of Australian schools, and has quickly become the standard for arts education, particularly for the generalist teacher.

The Arts Curriculum will be rolled out in each State soon, with implementation beginning as soon as Term 1, 2016 in Victoria. That means there has never been a better time to get your head start to teaching the arts.


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