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St. Joey’s Archies

Throughout Semester One the students at St Joseph’s Primary School in Collingwood participated in The Song Room’s in-school visual arts workshop program, ‘Arts Alive ‚Äì Picturing Our People’, funded by trustees of The Besen Family Foundation.

Guided by the wonderful Song Room Teaching Artist Kelly Boucher, students in the program explored portraiture as a medium and thanks to a partnership with the NGV, the whole school, accompanied by many parents, visited the National Gallery of Victoria to look at portraiture in the public collection and participate in a portrait workshop in The Great Hall led by NGV Educators.


After learning about the finer points of portraiture, the students invited community members in to sit for portraits. Preps – Yr 6s created portraits of the school crossing lollypop ladies, an ex Olympian, parents and grandparents, the Principal, a local Senior Constable and a Sister who runs the local food van!

On June 26 ‚Äì The St Joey’s Archies was held at St Joseph’s, attended by parents, local community and special guests who have sat for their portrait during the course of the project. The exhibition was a huge success with the school principal noting that there was a parent or representative from almost every family in attendance. Parents catered for the event, providing both hot food and specially made cupcakes for a lunch that was held as part of the exhibition opening.

Thanks to The Archies, students at St Joseph’s School have learned more about themselves, each other and their community.


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