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Schools First Awards

Two $50,000 Schools First awards were last year awarded to partnerships between The Song Room and Blairmount Public School and Telarah Public School for their outstanding work in improving student outcomes through a partnership which provides a formal music program to students.

This was one of 88 Schools First awards provided nationwide to primary and secondary schools and their community partners. The awards recognised the partnerships’ direct impact on improved student outcomes, including greater engagement and increased attendance; improved literacy or numeracy; increased self-esteem; social, vocational or civic outcomes; global awareness and action.

In 2010, Schools First has $5.2 million to award to 108 school community partnerships. Schools First is open to all community partners who have partnerships with primary and secondary schools across Australia. Benefits to the community partners can include increased participation in the local community, strengthening of industry pathways for workplace development, increase in staff engagement and development, as well as increasing the promotion of other programs or services.

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