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Scholarship Program gives flight to gifted students

In 2010 The Song Room expanded its Merit-based Scholarship program providing assistance to 13 students from Perth to Canteen Creek through the scholarship fund.

Sherina is one of these inspiring success stories ‚Äì she is a 17 year old indigenous student currently living in Canteen Creek. Sherina was identified as having particular talent in dance and nominated as a scholarship recipient. Since she was announced as wining The Song Room Scholarship, Sherina has been accepted into the National Aboriginal and Islander Skills Development Association (NAISDA) to study dance. Sherina’s scholarship will be utilised to purchase dance wear and equipment to assist with setting her up for her study at NAISDA.

The scholarship program has been designed to encourage participants of Song Room programs who show particular interest and talent in performing arts. Scholarships can range from one-on-one tuition in the applicant’s chosen field, fees associated with attending a Youth Performing Arts group and/or assist with purchase of items such as equipment or an instrument.


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