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Pupils hitting the right note – A Seven News report

Sacred Heart Primary School in Fitzroy was visited recently by a Seven News crew for a report into the effects of music education on students. This exclusive news report noted the important research done by The Song Room which has drawn links between music education and an increase in results across all disciplines, including a one year improvement students’ academic grades and NAPLAN results.

The report interviewed Sacred Heart students and Principal Mary Lawrey, The Song Room CEO Caroline Aebersold and Melbourne University’s former Dean of Education, Professor Brian Caldwell, who called for State Governments to ensure that music education programs are available for primary school students in all schools across the country.

The Song Room program in Sacred Heart Primary School was an incredibly successful, unique instrumental program, employing highly skilled instrumental tutors as Teaching Artists. The project found that longer exposure to music tuition in the Harmony In Strings program, the more likely the uptake of music by students when they enter secondary school.

The Harmony In Strings program was more intensive than a standard Song Room workshop program, which provides an in-depth music and arts-based workshop program for $80 per child for a six-month program.

Watch the report below:



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